Calm State of Appreciation

Appreciation of Nature

Walking and biking is a big part of our life. Many times a week we go to Jones Beach boardwalk on the way home from work or by bicycle. This time is ours to clear the mind and get the body out for a little exercise.  On one particular day, we took notice of the many seagulls soaring over the beach and ocean.  We tried to see the world through the eyes of the seagulls freely floating on the soft breeze. Watching the seagulls glide took us out of a working state of mind and put us into a calm state of appreciation for nature.

As we watched the seagulls, they seemed to be looking down at the children playing and the sunbathers on the sand. They don’t seem to be concerned, they’re just watching.  Seagulls don’t worry about bills, work or even the next meal. They appear to take it as it comes.  When a french fry is dropped the bird swoops down grabbing it without thought and goes back to gliding.

appreciation of natureSimplicity of Nature

We felt a relaxing calm as we were genuinely observing the simplicity of nature.  We sat down for a minute on a bench to look at the waves and watch the children. Trying to have a seagull’s point of view we relaxed and felt at total ease.

At this moment of our calm, some of the best considerations came to mind. The silence of simple observance cleared the path to creative thought.  We found solutions which were nestled deep in our noisy and cluttered mind. Clear-minded we started to see the ‘French Fries’ drop right in front of our eyes.  Each always right within our grasp blocked only by our unsettled state of mind.

Beyond the Daily Toil

We are learning to soar through life by appreciating our surroundings beyond the concerns of our daily toil. When the world is chaotic, and our mind is overburdened, we can go back to our favorite boardwalk and calm our mind with our seagull friends and see the world through their point of view.


Looking at the world with a new set of eyes filled with appreciation


Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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