The Dynamics of a Good Thought

Dynamic ThoughtWhat does it take to come up with a compelling idea?

The first thing is that you need to have the willingness to want to have a compelling thought. It takes meticulous research deep into one’s mind to dig out ideas and write them down. Whether they are cohesive or disjointed in the first drafts is of no consequence. Ideas and thoughts will come effortlessly if this practice is done daily. Soon amazing formulations will begin to flow from the mind onto paper.

Surfing the mind

Give your ego a good pep talk. Make it believe that it is big enough to think it can come up with a fantastic idea. Don’t concern yourself with viability, ability or action. Allow the craziest thoughts to flow out of your brain like the rushing Surfing the mindrapids of a river.
Once a great thought or idea finds itself on paper, then go into your extraordinary imagination and re-write the vision so that you can picture how it can become true. Feel the power of the idea as if it is already a reality. Set up in your mind all that you would be willing to do for its achievement. Structure it in a way that others can understand that it pertains to them as well.

Then the action begins.

All activity needs to be executed in a dynamic style, so each step is amiable and inclusive to as people as possible, life and have all-over balance. This principle is achieved easily by being of service to others at the forefront of the thought in attempting to reach an objective. Do not worry if everything does not go perfectly. Enviably, mistakes will happen. Learn from these errors and keep going forward.

Life is about the connection.

As we find our purpose and the dynamic thoughts that follow we ensure that all our actions are for the betterment of all as well as ourselves. It is by sending a good message to relate to as many as possible which will make a permanent connection.

Roaring LionA brave person is an ordinary individual who is not afraid to roar back at the fearful lion.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill
Life Connection

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