Coloring Outside the Lines

We always felt there was a certain amount of misunderstanding about children’s coloring books. There is a belief that the black lines are there to tell where and where not to color. Although some gifted children start out with exceptional talent creating works of art like Michael Angelo, most children begin playing with their crayons and coloring books, scribbling all over the page in a multitude of colors more like Picasso. Their freedom of expression is so intense it is difficult for many to understand. The child sees one thing, and many often see a mess.

Coloring inside the Lines

Meaning well, parents, teachers and older children begin to advise and teach the free-minded tots to channel their free-flowing energy to stay within the predesignated boundaries. We are not saying that coloring inside or outside the lines of a coloring book is detrimental to the original nature of a child. We are just speaking metaphorically.

crayons outside the linesIn a very short span of time, many of the youngsters begin to get into the practice of following the status quo of staying inside the lines. Even then many grow up forever coloring outside the lines or adding their own touch on the coloring pages of their life. There are words used to describe these rebels of the world. Many are called eccentric, artistic, creative and leaders.

The hazing some of these individuals endure is unimaginable. Whether they are a Michael Angelo or Picasso, they push on and create, advance and often make the world change.

As we wander into the future of our perspective, we happily color inside and outside the lines in hopes of creating something new.

As we see the beauty in both the Picassos and Michael Angelos of the world it enriches our spirit and opens up our world

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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