Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Crazy little thing called loveThere is gravity that bonds us together. This gravity is called many things, but we think Queen said it best in ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love.’ It holds us together through the rough times and the best times. We don’t even have to like each other sometimes, yet the love still bonds tight. It is so amazing the effect it has on us all.

Why do individuals give so much support to those in need all around in the world? It can only be the connection we all have from this magic gravity found in that beautiful word. This word seems to be overused, yet most can’t get enough of it. I love you, love ya, love and kisses, the effect of knowing one is loved is miraculous.

Everyone can talk of self-love, which is essential in its particular way but to feel loved or to know one is loved, is what gives us all strength. We can move mountains with the energy granted by others affection or the affection we give to others.

We can never discount this word even if we hear it used over and over again; It can never be overused.

Together we can embrace this crazy little thing called love and share it with everyone we know and all whom we meet.

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