Complexity of a Soulmate

The Heart of a SoulmateFinding a Soulmate

A lover, a friend, a sibling or a parent, soulmates come in many forms and stay with us for an eternity. Some people search for their soulmate for an entire lifetime, never realizing they are right next to them.  There seems to be a misnomer to the requirements of a soulmate.  It is not always the person whom you marry.  Naturally, if your spouse and soulmate is that same person, wow, that is amazing.

The person that inspires you daily, gives you the most grief, and you can’t live without is most likely your soulmate. They challenge you, call your bluff and take away all your excuses to fail.  It is the person who in the moment of fury will still come to your rescue and you to theirs.

The Orbital Bond

The strength of gravity between two individuals who are sometimes on entirely opposite sides of the spectrum is a beautiful vision.  Lookers-on covet it as unattainable, yet it may already be in their possession.  By opening our eyes, we can find that person that needles us the most pushing us forward as we do for them.

Through one’s life, different soulmates float in and out, giving each other strength and insight. These people stay in our memory even after years of separation. Reunited, picking up the symbiotic orbit like two sister stars in the galaxy.

It is essential to enjoy the companionship of friends, family and loved ones. They are in one way or another part of what makes us whole.  Embrace the complexity and inspiration they bring to life. If life is about interconnection in humanity, we may all very well be to one degree or other soulmates.

Love the one you’re with.


Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

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