Infinite Ripples of Kindness

The Kindness in Wisdom

With great power comes great responsibility. This saying is especially true when it comes to the responsibility of helping others or being of service to those you know or do not know. You can’t always see the power of the effect of your kindness, but you can feel them. One of the most powerful impacts of extending an act of kindness is felt in the one’s heart. The smile of another’s appreciation is a unique gift that can only be experienced first hand.

Infinity of KindnessThe Responsibility is in the Spirit.

If you can help someone out, you should. Opportunities abound in this big world of ours. There will always be those that are gifted in one skill that can help another gifted in a different ability. Sometimes the lonely fellow on the roadside is a skilled craftsman who just needs a chance. By helping him get back on his feet, you may have made an alliance that will help you in the future. Assisting the lady with a flat tire may get a nurse to an emergency room quicker so she can save lives. The life she saves could be a friend.

Unexpected Returns

In every activity or undertaking, there will always be an expenditure of effort before any return can be expected. Often the return comes from unexpected sources. Unlike tennis where serving the ball usually results in the ball returning, ripples of effect work in different ways. Sometimes they do work like a good game of tennis volleying back and forth between players. Other times our causes ripple out, and the effects are returned from a player that was never before in our court.

We are all interconnected in one way or another. The person you help today may very well be the person that assists you, a friend, or a stranger in need, tomorrow. The ripple of one kind act can flow infinitely from one person to next. With this in mind, the next time you see someone that needs a hand, lend them one of yours. The kindness will undoubtedly be returned a hundredfold.


Infinity in a moment of…
❤️  love received
💙  hope felt
💜  inspiration experienced
Share moments of infinity with kind deeds that will last a lifetime.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

Ripples of Kindness

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