Points of Demarcation

Spherical points in time

There are decisive moments that define our lives for better or worse. Each of these points in time is always present in our memory. When we think of them, the exact place, moment, and thoughts are as fresh as if the decisions were just made a moment ago.

The resolution may have been a choice of vocation, a philosophy, a moral code or a life partner. Each of these affirmations is steady and when unfulfilled bears heavily on one’s spirit. When self-betrayed, the feeling of loss of integrity can be overwhelming. These decisions are both our strength. If not monitored also can be our undoing.

Thinking outside the BoxChecking Course

Decisive moments need to be reviewed from time to time. Doing this will determine if we are on a straight course reaching our goals and fulfilling our life purpose. If we keep an eye on these powerful points of thought, we can ensure they are not a hindrance. Reviewing these resolutions can correct our alignment with the current goals, becoming the power behind the force. Taking hold of the emotion behind them can give us the push we need to keep moving forward.

When we feel lost, we can close our eyes and remember when we first connected with the burning desire to move in a specific direction. Recalling the emotions and drive will refuel the energy and give us the get-up and go needed to start running again thus fulfilling our original promises to ourselves.

Once in a while, check the heading and steady the course when sailing to a dream destination.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill


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