Cylindrical Spheres in the Sky

Cylindrical SpheresEvery day as we look into the sky we see hundreds of Cylindrical Spheres up in the air flying past. In each Sphere, people are sitting still while moving at 500 miles per hours. Again, each person is sitting still in their seat yet speeding to the destination at 500 miles per hour. As all these people fly by getting to their destination without moving, none of them are even aware others see them speed past. They are just going somewhere unknown to the lookers-on while seeming to be still at 500 miles per hour.

orbiting the sunSometimes we feel like we are not moving yet we are on a planet, creating amazing things while spinning at 1000 mph and orbiting the sun at 67,000 mph. Each day while feeling motionless we have traveled 24,000 miles in a circle and went 1,608,000 miles around the sun. Sometimes we feel like we are not getting to where we want. As we look back on our progress, it is fascinating how far we have traveled on our spherical journey. During an average life’s journey, we will have created many amazing things moving 700,800,000 miles in a circle and orbited the sun 46,953,600,000 miles (almost 47 billion miles) while we feel we have been sitting still.

Just an observation that we are always moving forward with incredible momentum even when we feel we not moving.

Today we feel the momentum.

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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