Little Green Apples

Today human Tomorrow Little Green Apples

Existence is a beautiful state of giving and taking. All the atoms, molecules and energy which Earth is made of is and will always be here. (other then what we send into space.) Today our physical existence is human. We are running around earth living, eating and hopefully having fun. As we ingest the wonderful nutrition provided, we bring into our bodies ancient atoms that have been used again and again in new forms.

We could say that Earth is the first environmentalist recycling and reusing everything, so nothing Environmental earthgoes to waste. Earth is the ultimate incubator creating the environment and nature needed to sustain the perfect balance of life. When it gets too cold, the earth will heat up. When things get too dry, the rain will come. There are no accidents on Earth.

For humans, it is difficult to see the changes on mother Earth. When we do, often the outcome is overwhelming. Generally, changes occur gently overtime moving deserts, ocean and even continents over a long, long span of time.

Here is the cool part. Everything that is in our physical body and the energy that supports it has existed throughout all the remarkable changes over millennia.
Little Green ApplesAfter the next ice age and as the earth thaws maybe we will be trees in a field feeding the new generations of the planet with our little green apples.

As we prosper and flourish in this vast world. We appreciate planet earth as it provides a home of beauty, abundance, and life.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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