Endless and Expanding Life

Ever Expanding LifeWhen something fantastic or terrible happens, we can get caught up in the moment. If we get caught up in the moment, we might get stuck in the event and stop moving forward. The outcome of this keeps our attention fixed on what happened stifling our progression. This creates a feeling of uneasiness because we are living an endless and expanding life.

The Power of a Love and Will

When something awful happens, naturally we will feel horrible. Losses, failure, betrayals, and mistakes weigh heavy. These are the times that moving on is difficult yet most important. The ways that we and many others move on after we have encountered discord is by doing something about it. We put in countermeasures for obstacles that we meet so each can be avoided in the future and when we lose a friend or loved one, we have a strong love for them in our hearts holding the best memories we can. In this way, we can move on with memories, lessons and sometimes new purpose.

Never-Ending Next

Victories, happy surprises and triumphant moments are an entirely different matter. Here it is too easy to get stuck in the moment. At first, the feelings are beautiful and jubilant. Slowly, a burden of repeating the same miracle can emerge, mainly when the success was long coming and took extreme effort. Many happy events we can quickly move on from because they are easy to repeat, like having a birthday event. We know it is likely that our birthday will come again and so will the song and cake. But winning the Olympics is a lifelong effort that leads to an incredible moment that may not happen again. How do we move on from such a stellar event? Our answer, make a new goal or plan. Better yet, have one in place prior.

Never-Ending NextIt seems to us that life is an ever-expanding continuous progression of events and moments that lead to continual never-ending growth. And this is good.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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