The Power of Love

Love Power

Power of LoveWhen the heart is heavy, and the mind is overwhelmed, the body becomes burdened and becomes predisposed to illness. Along with proper medical attention, health improvement regimes and rest, the power of love can go a long way.

Knowing someone cares in a time of need can is empowering and raises spirits. This uplifting feeling is often enough to turn the tides of illness. It energies the little miracles that reside in the body enabling them to repair injuries, resist infections and fight off invaders.

Power of LoveWhen we feel the weight of the typical day to day stresses, we remember to give love to ourselves. If we see others struggling in life, we send them love in the form of a smile or kind word. Our most favorite experience is when we feel the tension from outside sources and in-turn are given love by someone who cares.

The love we receive which gives us power shows us that the power of love is the cherry on top of all the great medicine available in the world.

Love is the magic power that sees past turmoil envisioning harmony and well-being for all.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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