Feeling Important to You

jones beachOnce upon a time, there were two guys. They both worked at Jones Beach State Park replacing lightbulbs along the 2-mile boardwalk. Each guy has a different outlook. This is their story.

Jeb replaces the lightbulbs at the Jones Beach Boardwalk. He only thinks that his job is to repair broken lightbulbs and does not feel what he is doing is essential. Each day, he trudges along the boardwalk pulling out old bulbs and replacing them with new ones. He has no idea the effect of his toil. Waiting for the end of the never-ending day, he has entirely missed his significance.

Jones BeachBuddy feels it’s his job to make sure that the boardwalk is adequately illuminated. He feels a little bit more impactful as he goes down the boardwalk replacing each of the lightbulbs that are no longer working. He knows that as each of the evening walkers strolls down the beach, the path will be well lighted and safe. Buddy feels there is not enough time in the day to complete his mighty mission. By days end, as the dusk arrives, he feels satisfied for a job well done.

Jones Beach PencilTo us, it never matters what we are doing at any given time. What is important is how we feel inside about the activity. Jobs, activities or obligations are seldom glamorous. Yet, if they are done or practiced with a sense of significance, the effect can be magnificent, even if we never actually see it.

It’s not whether you think that you are essential, we all should know we are.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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