Optimistically Optimistic

OptimisticWhat does it mean when we see the glass of milk half full? Yes, the cup is also half empty at the same time, but a positive thinker considers that at least the glass is not empty. Even if the glass is empty, an optimist is thankful that there is a glass.

When observing any given event or occurrence, seeing it like it is, is called good ethics. Knowing something can be changed for the better, that’s optimism. Until the day we reach the finish line, anything can change for the worst or the better. The choice is always ours.

We can do something to make a positive change, do nothing, or act in such a way to make things worse. You would think that most would pick the first choice and make a positive difference. Sometimes we can get so worked up that our actions bring us to either cave in or create a situation that is worse than it really needs to be.

think positiveThe good news is that most people seem to opt-in for optimism. The trick is reaction time. Assuming we are not being chased by a tiger, we can afford to take a pause before reacting and think things out. After a bit of fact-finding and solution seeking anyone could be a little more optimistic, while still fulfilling a need to be realistic at the same time.

We may fall and scrape our knees.
Staying down would be a breeze.
Instead, we chose to stand our ground,
for another chance to come around.

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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