The Holiday Rush – October 31st to January 1st

This year instead of feeling the holiday rush, we decided to feel the holiday spirit. There are so many beautiful holidays starting with one of our favorites on October 31st, Halloween.

trickortreatAlthough there are many translations for this sometimes spooky day, for us it is about celebrating our ancestral past. It is also the beginning of the giving spirit. As local children dress up as their favorite characters, each meets the neighborhood with a knock and a trick or treat. There is a unique sense of unity as each neighbor happily passes out a sweet treat in return for a bright smile and a thank you. Hopefully, there are not too many tricks.

ThanksgivingShortly after the candy fest, comes the day of giving thanks. Gratitude for all we had in the past, have now, and will have in the future, is the strongest feeling to end a fantastic year. The day and weekend are often spent with family and friends eating way more than any human should. Just when we think we could not eat another morsel, out comes the apple, pumpkin and cherry pies.

hannukahkwanzaaThen comes the big three, topping the year like candied strawberries on shortcake. We say ‘shortcake’ because it always ends way too quickly. The holidays of Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas each celebrate miracles, family, and hope. We embrace these special days spent with the ones we love and rejoice in the time we have together.

christmasIn a big finale, the year ends with a grand party to bring in the new year with splendor and a series of wishes and plans for the new upcoming year.

Yeah, we are digging the holiday season as we prepare to do it all again next year, only better.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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