In Search of our True Self

The Idea of Transcendence

Many of the inspirational speakers that we listen to, often mention the idea of transcendence, finding self or true self.  At first, we might get the impression that we are not our true selves, but this is a misunderstanding. When we are looking for our true self, we are not looking for someone else within ourselves. We know and have met the person we are. This person is around all the time when we are happy. It is ourselves in a higher spiritual state. It is the person we are without all the baggage and turbulence spinning in our thoughts.

In this natural state of true self, we are happy and calm. When trouble comes our way, we can handle it without being crushed. Our creative mind flourishes with ideas and solutions. We feel love freely and forgive quickly. When mistreated, we can calmly fend off adversaries without anyone getting hurt.

Every day we can work on being our true self. Our transcendence is achieved by lightening our mental load and leaving our baggage behind. We are ourselves, and we can be ourselves safely every day without worrying about whether or not we are transcendent.

Instead of a lifetime of self-discovery, all we really need do is check our reflection.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill
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