Grow up and Dream on

dreams of youthWhen I grow up

Every day we all go to work thinking we can reach goals and achieve our life’s dream. The truth is we can. There is, however, an obstacle that must get overcome. If we do not get past it or find a resolution, we will feel like we are spinning our wheels. There needs to be an answer to the age-old question posed to everyone since early childhood. ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

When little kids get asked, the answers are a fireman, policeman, astronaut, and for the ambitious, President. As time goes on and we reach adolescence sometimes the answer changes. Our heroes and peers are different. Now some of us want to be famous, built like a brick house or just rich. Unfortunately, these goals are less defined and although attainable need direction. Like a needle on a compass which points north, it is only helpful if you have a route to travel.

Dream on and Grow upThe Many Paths Traveled

Soon many become adults entering the workplace with or without a destination. For the most part, the kid that wanted to be a fireman, doctor or computer programmer and maintained that dream to adulthood usually attained their goal. But the less directed are in some job, getting paid and paying bills. The cycle continues with having a family, buying a house and just making ends meet. Many are somewhere in between, successful but maybe not entirely satisfied. There is a group that is in none of the above categories. They are doing something different called creating something that did not exist before. Somehow they get an idea in their head and go with it.

Live Long and Prosper

It does not matter where anyone is in any of these categories because any time in life the answer to what we want to do when we grow up may present itself. As long as we have a mind that thinks and a heart that beats, we can do anything. There are stories and examples of individuals finding their life’s calling at age 60 and achieving it. Point being, if you are living in the moment, are happy and enjoying your lifestyle, by all means, continue. But if you have a burning desire to do something different, follow your dream by throwing a little gas on the fire. Then do something about it, we are.

First it was a dream then it was a goal, full of hope and full of cheer. Tied to the heart forever to hold, enduring time and always there.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

Live long And prosper

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