The Experience of a Lifetime

365 Days of PositiveA Lifetime of Knowledge

Thinking we always know what is best for our children is an illusion. It stems from a lifetime of personal experiences, failures, and achievements. Our unique experiences are a reflection of our past and do not predict the future of our successors. We certainly have enough expertise on many topics, but can never know everything.

In the moments of our righteous righteousness, we are often wrong. Countless times we see ourselves trying to advise the next generation to hit the brakes as we see them speeding towards an apparent brick wall. Occasionally they crash into the wall as we predicted. More often then not, they go right through the wall to our total amazement.

Everyone must live and experience everything for themselves. Each must face life’s hardships and overcome obstacles themselves. To honestly grasp success, achievements must get earned. So, how do we advance and pass our experiences onto the next generation, so they do not have to keep reinventing the wheel?

A Gift Given Belongs to the Recipient

A Lifetime Knowledge is PowerWe can only pass the knowledge without expectations to how it gets used. The chances are that the younger generation will not follow our lead. Giving them the tools will help avoid the errors of their less enlighted predecessors, who are often ourselves. Sometimes our progeny will pick up our baton continuing where we left off. More likely, each will begin a new path utilizing the information passed to them, forging on to new ambitions and unique discoveries.

As we prepare the next generation for the future, the priceless gifts we can bestow upon our posterity are the virtues of humankind. These are kindness, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and most importantly a deep love for all.

Everyone learns to walk, often falling and skinning their knees, before they started to run.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

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