What You See is What You Get

It is Hard to See Through a Dirty Window

Is it time to clean the windows? It is if we see the day as cloudy and full of grit. The sunniest day seen through a dirty window is dull and drab. The beautiful colors hazed over with gray, and the brightness dimmed. The problem is not the window. With a little glass cleaner, elbow grease and the right sort of cloth, dirt gets removed from the window and the glass polished. Looking out this newly cleaned window is like magic. The sunny day is now brighter.

Just like the window, we can clean our view. Instead of using glass cleaner to clean the window, we need to decide to change our attitude about what we are seeing. Where some see weeds, others see nature, where some see struggle and strife, other see an evolution of becoming and a need to make a change.

Attitude is Everything

Our attitude affects the way the world will appear to us. Upon waking a decision is made that will change the entire day. The choice is made with or without our say so. Today will be a good day or today will be a sad day. This decision will determine the clarity of our windows. Don’t panic. This decision can change at any moment during the day.


The Choice is Ours

As with every day of positive, we grab our glass cleaner, a soft cloth and polish our attitude. Carrying our tools with us all the time, if we feel doubt, dismay or less clear, we give ourselves a pep talk and move on keeping a good outlook in our lives.

Eyes can view a flower, the mind will know its colors, the heart feels the beauty. All three will have its truth.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

See by Cleaning the View

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