The Sanctuary of a Smile

Roland SmilingThe Genuine Smile

There are moments in life when our mind is entirely clear of troubled thoughts. During some of these moments, we are most content, happy and joyful. These experiences are felt with pure mental silence and bring a genuine smile to our face.

Welcome to our world

With a quiet mind, nothing else exists in the present other than the beauty of the joyous moment. These memories drive us continually towards the sanctuary of an everlasting smile. We thrive when in this calm state of mind.  By wearing this genuine smile, we invite others into our sanctuary, becoming a welcome source of love and possible friendship.

No Worries

Embracing our enduring smile with those who may have formally upset us removes the negative feelings felt by their presence. Their discord no longer affects us. We are just as happy with them nearby or absent.

Our WorldOpen Port

If we are an Island that’s floating in the vast ocean of possibilities, our eternal smile becomes a port where others may visit. Our port is always open to new visitors and experiences.

Key to HeartThe key to our heart

This openness to experience the pure joy of life helps us see all the opportunities that wait for us everywhere we go. Meeting everyone with our perpetual smile stored safely in the sanctuary of a loving hearts is the key.

A tranquil sanctuary is created with a beautiful smile

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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