I Can’t Get… No Satisfaction

The Satisfaction is in the Feeling

I Can't Get No SatisfactionWhat drives individuals to push forward in all the desires, goals and purposes listed on their to-do list? Maybe it is the remarkable feeling of satisfaction felt when a desire is met, a goal is achieved, or a purpose is fulfilled.

We’ve talked about marveling as we complete a project or effort. Sitting and looking with a feeling that is self-satisfying, feels good. The emotion gives us the energy to muster up a new plan of action to propel us forward.

A Sense of Purpose

There needs to be some sense of joy, purpose or drive to give power that will push us forward to the next task or activity. The law of energy applies in this thought. Energy is perpetual, it cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore, the power to achieve must be generated inside then pushed into the physical, to create an effect. If we are the mechanism for this effect, we are the source of energy. Otherwise, nothing is produced.

satisfaction meterAs we find ourselves on a mission after mission, effort after effort, there is some thought of remuneration. Sometimes it is monetary other times it is the creation itself. If our actions are successful, there will be a form of satisfaction. To be satisfied is a personal repayment to self for all the energy put forward. This act gives back the expended energy which replenishes us for the next task.

We search for our own personal satisfaction in all that we do to ensure there is new energy for the next plan.

There is wonderful energy in the feeling of satisfaction when a job is well done.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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