There is no force in the Force

Feel the Force

Many movies attempt to inspire the higher spirituality in humanity without touching upon denominations. The film we feel that touches on the topic the best is Star Wars. The movie depicts an invisible connection between everything in the universe called the Force.

When in alignment to this connection, an individual can control the world around them. There is a duality in the Force. The dark side or the light side, of the energy, can’t be forced. The power itself flows freely through emotions.

light side of the forceThe Light Side

Calm, bliss and balanced emotions bring a flow of ease with little damage to the body. Actually, those with an alignment of the light side have good health, live longer, and depart to the next life with ease.

Dark side of the ForceThe Dark Side

On the other hand, when the energy is drawn from the dark side riddled with anger, loathing, and jealousy, the toll on the body is devastating often leading to a bitter end.

Whether or not there is any truth or validity to this, it aligns with our purpose and spirituality. Therefore our objective is to remain on the light side of the Force and send out the most positive energy we can to others.

There are two sides to the Force, each chooses a side

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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