Because You Can Be Cause

If Rains the effect and umbrella is causeCause and Effect

In life, there is cause and effect. It is far better to cause something to happen then be the effect of something. In the moment of feeling out of control or unable to create the desired effect, be reminded there is always an answer to get back on track.

Everything is Knowable

When you don’t know something, it doesn’t mean you can’t. There is much to learn, and it begins the moment questions are asked, and the answers are sought out.

Difficult is not Impossible

Because it’s difficult and complicated, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Most progress is made one step at a time. Moving from one easy step to the next. Increasing the difficulty with each new completion, the skill is achieved that makes what was once complicated very doable.

Overcoming Hurdles

An obstacle that stands in the way doesn’t have to stop you. The fact is that every necessary action that is taken helps to get beyond whatever barriers that otherwise would be in the way. Knowledge, strength or skills obtained helps overcome one hurdle at a time.

Turn Can’t to Can do

When people tell you that it can’t be done, or that you can’t do it, doesn’t mean they are correct. Remind yourself that you can do what you choose to do with commitment, thoughts, and actions.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Even though there is strife and pain and negativity in the world, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on a happy life. You can change your life, and many, many other lives when you decide to do so.

A New Day for a New Start

If you’ve been reckless, frustrated or disappointed in the past, it doesn’t mean the future has to be that way. Today is a new day. Your life is yours to live. There’s no limit to the happiness and joy you can now create.
Being the actual cause instead of the random effect of our world

Being the positive cause instead of the effect of our world.

Be Well, Have Gratitude, Spread Goodwill

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