The Road to Riches

The Path of Life

Two people are walking on a path through a lush forest. The trail is rough with pebbles and stones.  As they exit the woods, one says to the other, “This park is beautiful, the trees are flowering, the birds are singing, and the breeze smells like honeysuckles.” The other replies, “Yeah, but the path sucked, and it was just too hot.”

The richness in life is in how we experience the journey. We all are on the same challenging path. Though the challenges may be different, it is not an easy journey for anyone. When we see others as having it easy, it may just be their perspective we observe. Seeing life as difficult and unfair makes it hard and ungiving. Accepting obstacles as an excellent challenge to overcome, makes life a game that is winnable.

We choose to see the beauty and wonderfulness of life, and in the people, we know and love.

As we venture the bumpy path, we can fill our backpacks with incredible experiences to help us on our travels.


Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill


Stop and smell the flowers

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