Put the Mind on Manual OverDrive

Waking up the Mind

Within about 30 minutes upon waking up, the mind is fired up and ready for commands. At this moment the choice is ‘autopilot’ or ‘manual overdrive.’ The mind is willing to go straight into autopilot which is smooth and comfortable. When you set your mind on autopilot, it is easy to make it through the day. Getting coffee, checking email, and doing the regular workflow is natural while on total cruise control. This will maintain the status quo and get anyone through their day. This is the ‘comfort zone.’

On the other hand, we can choose to drive the day ourselves. This conscious decision takes willpower and a plan. The plan is a critical part to take control of the day and put the mind into manual overdrive. The willpower is the force needed to get up early enough to have time to make a plan. The kind of decisions made in the planning should not contain the slightest shadow of maybe. Once a plan is formulated, the rest is easy. Having a plan opens up the day for better clarity and a willing mind.

Shift the mindThe Shift of Willpower

Shifting gears to manual overdrive first thing in the morning allows us to pilot and craft the day. Although we can take control anytime during the day, the best time is within 30 minutes of waking up. So let’s set the clock 30 minutes early, move it to the other side of the bedroom and program the coffee pot. Get a sheet of paper and a pen. Place them on a table in front of a comfortable chair before going to bed. On top of the sheet of paper write these words; SOMETHING GREAT GOES HERE.

When creating a plan, the first words on top of the page: Something Great Goes Here.
These are not just pretty words.
They are words to succeed by.

Each day we follow this program, and it is working for us. We combine it with a few positive thoughts and actions, reviewing goals, and a life purpose. At the end of the day, there is nothing as satisfying than when a plan comes together.

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