Just before the Dawn

Just before DawnAs the sun peeks over the horizon, it does not concern itself with the darkness. Darkness itself is only devoid of light. Light does not fight with the night. It overcomes the shadows with its bright nature.

Just as darkness, malevolence is a void. This void has a strong pull which creates a feeling that there is a need to fight. This is the trap. Individuals begin fighting adversity unintentionally creating more animosity, enlarging the void and escalating dire circumstances.

Overcoming this urge to fight against injustice, strife or hate is difficult for it feels like the right thing to do. As we go deeper and deeper into the bowls of the darkness, we are surrounded by the hurt, broken and desperate. When we desire to feel better about ourselves, a pang of guilt floats up from the gut into the throat pressing us to stay. How do we defeat this powerful energy behind the anguish? Compassion is the answer.

Lurking in the ShadowsThe definition of compassion is experiencing the troubles of another deep within one’s heart as if the pain belonged to self. With compassion, the feeling of angst is fended off then replaced with love, understanding, and forgiveness. Compassion is the light of benevolence where the darkness of malevolence cannot hide. Even as discord lurks in the shadows, kindness brings light creating the softness of translucence.

Just before the dawn, we feel the darkness’s strongest pull. As the rise of light, we realize how dark things had become. With patience, the sun shines into every corner as the world becomes bright and aware. Unhidden the unsolvable riddles reveal answers not seen before.

The miracle of compassion is not a new revelation. We all just need to be reminded from time to time.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill
Light of love

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