Waking Up on the Right Foot

On the right footEverything is possible

Today is always full of the best possibilities. It can also be full of possible disasters. What is a possibility? A possibility is that which may be true or may be the case, where there is a lack of knowledge to the contrary. Therefore the future of today is unwritten in the obscurity of all its potential both good and bad.

Given a choice, our vision of all the probable outcomes would be full of joyous developments full of success and triumphs. Solutions would easily present themselves at all the right moments. Problems would dissolve like ice in hot water as we unraveled the mystery behind each new obstacle.

Revving up

To get the best momentum, we start with waking up on the right foot. With a deep breath and a happy thought, we begin our day clear minded devoid of any circumstance other than thinking “It is great to be alive.”

As we sip our first coffee and prepare to leave on our daily journey, we decide the day is ours to make of it. Moving forward we use our high flying intentionality to push through any barricades and create amazingly.

Press on

With each new stride, we put one foot in front of the other ever moving forward, forward, oops one trip up. One mistake is okay. Fixing and learning from the error we brush ourselves off and keep on going.

Slowly things take a little more effort as we press on through the day. The phone rings, we feel the pressure of an unexpected interruption and our eyes get weary. The emails continue to come pushing for answers. Suddenly moving forward begins to feel sluggish. Thinking there is so much more we could do brings on a feeling of frustration.

As the day wains, we grow tired, and it is time to journey back home. Looking back on the day we realized even with all the interruptions and a few mistakes here and there, we still had a phenomenal end game.

When we get started on the right foot, the left foot and all else easily follows.

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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