There is Nothing Political About Life

The Politics of the Day

Mount RushmoreWhen in a big group of people there are various requirements and perspectives. There comes a need for reasonable compromise and some flexibility. In general, the world has evolved to give us all a beautiful place to live, filled with everything to survive a long and happy life.

All life on earth is balanced with its own required activity and place. In nature, the give and take are fair. Despite the misconceived idea of survival of the fittest, it is often the ‘meek’ who are the pivotal essence of a growing environment.
How does this work for humanity? There will be bosses and workers, Rich and moderate, smart and less smart, etc. All these types of individuals are needed for a flourishing society. If we all were talented actors, who would be left to watch the show? If we all owned a business, who would do the labor? The list can go on and on.

The Climb

Top dog Political We all want to be top dog until we look at the job of the top dog. It sometimes looks cushy up on top, but the climb is often something less than desirable. There are stories of endless nights and hair-raising feats many successful individuals live through. Yes, it is their choice to work that hard to get where they are going as it is a choice to work an eight hour day or not at all.

Life is about choices, and there is nothing political about it. Those willing to put effort into surviving better reap the rewards of the effort. Those willing to live with a lighter load, live a moderate life and that is okay too. There are rewards and consequences on both sides. It seems that it is an excellent philosophy to do most everything with moderation. Have an appreciation for all. And always give more than is received.

Our Declaration

We live in a world that for the most part believes all people are created equal with unalienable rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS. What this means is we all have the right to live, to be free from tyranny and can pursue our happiness. Life and liberty are freely given. Happiness must be pursued to be obtained. So as we pursue it, we remember everyone has the same rights.

Treat everyone and all life on earth with the same consideration given to self, then there will be less to worry about in politics.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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