The Power in Rhythm

Power in RhythmThe Rhythm of the Heart

There is so much power in rhythm when listening to the music play, the beat moves our mind in such a way that the body begins to keep time with the melody. We enter a movement which some call dance. This dance may or may not be out on the dance floor. It is happening in our physicalness. As our heart and pulse align with the tempo, we feel the music deep in our spirit.

In sync

dancing togetherThe same effect happens as we feel ourselves come into cadence with individuals of like-mindedness. If we are in a group of people with the same views, each feels the energy of the other aligning the thoughts and actions as if all are one organism for the time span. The incredible elation travels with us for a while, and we can say we had a good time. On the other hand, if we find ourselves in a group and are out of alignment or do not feel the rhythm of the moment. We may feel agitated.

Sharing Experiences Differently

Although everyone else is having a great time, we may feel the experience was uncomfortable. This feeling is likely when we do not align with the tempo of the moment. The event may have been fantastic for many others, yet we just did not feel it.

Turn the Beat Around

dancing creativelyWhether we are on the dance floor feeling the power of the music or in a group exploring the energy of the emotion, we experience the power in the rhythm pulsing. It is essential to keep in a positive mind and amongst positive individuals so as not to get caught up in an unpleasant situation.

We can enjoy the connection with others as we grow our circle of unity while dancing to the beautiful melodies coming from each other’s heart.

Finding New Rhythms

With an open mind and an open ear, we can listen for the new harmonies and lyrics of new friends, learning about new ideas. By attaining new knowledge, our repertoire of understanding will grow, opening countless symphonies of opportunity.

Listening to the unique rhythms of so many hearts will lead to a unified beat and a harmonious song.

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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