Soaring Ever Higher

Soaring Like an Eagle

Soaring Ever HigherSometimes when we dream, we find we are flying. The more we think about flying in our dream, the more difficult it becomes. We feel this is because we believe we can’t fly. While we are soaring in our dreams, we enjoy a beautiful view of life. As we think about flying when we are awake, we envision soaring high above it all as we try to see the whole picture. The higher our positive emotions, the better the view.

While we are feeling exuberant, it is easy to take flight. As we begin to focus on it, sometimes we can think that we are losing altitude. By habit or belief, we start to feel a little doubt or get scared we may make a mistake.
The name of the game is to stay circling above it all instead of becoming encircled by our feelings of insecurity. We can do this by feeling good inside, seeing the better parts of those around us, and looking for solutions to problems instead of finding blame.

flying highThe way we do this is by quieting our mind, finding one thing good, positive or at least satisfactory in our immediate vicinity. Once we see it, we feel good about it by listing in our minds or on paper all the best qualities in the thought. As we continue this processes, we begin to feel the momentum of our good emotions and take flight once again.

This takes practice just as any skill or talent. It is fun practice, for each time we find ourselves feeling good again we experience the momentum of our jubilation.

Feel good, Take Flight and Enjoy the View.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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