Living for Today

LearningThere are three enduring days in our lives, yesterday, today and tomorrow.  We are forever moving seamlessly through time from one yesterday through today reaching an infinity of tomorrows. How we live each of these magical days is entirely up to us.

The best we can do about all the yesterdays is learn the lessons all the past days have given.  Life’s ‘Do overs’ can only exist in the new day or the near future. The only way to correct an error of the past is in living for today with the lessons learned.

Tomorrow can only be planned for and is affected by all the actions of the present day. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, the day may come but who knows who will be around for it. The only thing we can be sure of, if we are blessed enough to have a new day, is that whatever we do today will affect the quality of our future. There may be amends to be made for today’s errors, but there will be new successes as well.

hourglass of TimeThe magic of today is in our ability to start each day again with a clean slate.  Sure, we’ve all made a blunder or two and even more, but that is how we learn from life.  As it has been stated in the past, a toddler does not learn to run from taking the first step.  Over time, falling down, again and again, we get our balance and then take off. The greatness of today is the ability to run with all we’ve have learned.

Live for today, forgive the past and envision a beautiful tomorrow.

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