Witnessing The Effects

Witnessing the effects of happinessThere is nothing like witnessing the effects we have on others through our day to day life. It validates the time and effort we put into our purposes and goals.

We have a few business websites and a few companies which keep us quite busy. Our days are spent, corresponding, communicating and of course in the service to others. Many individuals call each day looking for help with projects, solutions or ideas. It feels so good when we can assist others in achieving something that otherwise may not have come into reality.

It is a real blessing that our daily activities include being of value to others. The primary purpose is to create something that touches the hearts of those we meet. When this happens, it affects our spirit, driving us to do even better.

Recently we saw a social media post with some of the items we offer displayed in a lovely photo. The impression was about faith and goodwill. Remembering the endeavor, we were so excited that we had a part in such a beautifully felt expression.

In everything we do, there is an effect. We are driven to have a good one.

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