Living to Serve Others

How Can We Serve You

Doctors, comedians, managers, landscapers, secretaries and many other occupations all have one thing in common, their service to others is valuable. This value is not knowing about medicine or how to tell a joke. The benefit of service is in the comfort, assistance, beauty, inspiration, or improvement of other’s lives. Many occupations serve humanity, it would be impossible to list them all. Look at your profession, does it lend itself to the improvement of humankind. It very well may without your realization of its importance.

A warehouse worker goes to work. He ships products to clients for the company in which he works and gets paid. The value of this job is more significant than it may seem at first sight. This person supports the production of a company. The company pays employees so each, in turn, can feed and take of their family. Also when the package arrives at the recipient in good order, the purchaser receives value from the product bought. The happy client may then be compelled to purchase once again. The warehouse worker may be a stranger to those affected, yet his existence improves many lives.

Help Don’t Hinder

This example can be applied to all vocations. There is one small wrinkle. It is essential that services provided, by companies and individuals, improve the lives of others instead of hindering and making lives worse.

This may not be the case in some products and services that tend to sicken society or promote less than desirable behavior. Though enticing these products create less life for the consumer. On this point, moral standards are measured by self, and each has the freedom to do so on an individual basis. Natural laws will apply ethics to a standard of living that is less than congenial for the betterment of all.

As we plot our course, it will undoubtedly include the fundamentals of being in the service of others. If our vocation becomes valuable to others and improves life, a fulfilling, spiritual and healthy lifestyle is sure to follow.


The noblest of endeavor is found when in the service of others


Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill

How can we serve you

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