The Simple Life

Living life

The world is a simple machine with living and non-living components. The two have a symbiotic relationship.

  • Living matter is composed of non-living matter.
  • Lifeforms return to the non-living matter at life’s end.

In as far as the living matter, the primary purpose of a lifeform is to survive. There are two primary needs for survival. These are nourishment and water. Plants grow, animal life procreates and existence continues. Nature seems to take care of itself without intervention.

Why is human life so darn complicated?

Significance could be the answer. Maybe we get too involved about what everything is or means. We consider, categorize, worry and over-think. Granted humans are amazing and creative. Each blessed with the potential to make beautiful creations and advancements. All this is excellent stuff. It is the formation of opinions that cause the trouble. Outward appearances, belief systems, and stature all get in the way of the incredible nature of humankind. These concerns create the worry about what others think and outside opinions. Worrying obstructs innate creative thought and pure survival.

A Beautiful Mind

Why are humans given these beautiful minds that can imagine anything or dream up any combination of things to bring into reality? We are here to create. Our conscious mind, unique to all other living creatures is capable of creative thought. Sometimes we make a mess other times we create magic. If we get out of the significant mindset and into a creative mindset, we will find ourselves in harmony again with the natural world. Actions and activities will become less invasive. Humanity will care about its effects. By eliminating the unnecessary worrying, we can share our creations and live in a less competitive world.

Living the simple life can be fulfilling when we align with the natural order of everything. We can then create amazingly with confidence and peace of mind.

The most beautiful thing about our life is, it’s ours.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread GoodwillBeautiful daisy

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