Mishmash, Hodgepodge Becomes Pish Posh

Overwhelming MishMash

MishmashSometimes confusing and overwhelming feelings hit like a tidal wave of insanity when things get out of control. This┬ástate can happen with complacency or massive action. Either way, the handling is the same. If we do not handle all the mishmash, it will never go away and could haunt us as regrets in the future. Like one of our favorite speaker says, it is time to ‘chunk it.’ (-Tony Robbins)

This┬ámethod is the way we do it. We envision everything that needs to be done, in a big pile in the center of an imaginary room. Then we divide the accumulated heap into four stacks on a ‘To Do List.’

  • Stack 1. Emergency (can’t wait)
  • Stack 2. Urgent (Important but can wait for the crises to be completed)
  • Stack 3. Essential (Actions that will advance future goals)
  • Stack 4. Crap (Actions or tasks that if never done will not have an effect.)

It’s an Emergency

emergencyAttack the emergencies first. Knock them out one at a time until all the danger has passed. These tasks are usually essential or urgent items that gravitated up to a crisis. Some are an unexpected opportunity or events that require immediate attention.

Urgent Urgencies

Next, look at all the Urgent tasks, do the ones that will turn into emergencies if not completed shortly, schedule a time to handle all the others. Stick to the schedule as if it was a priority.

The Essentials Oil the Gears

Essential actions need to be scheduled and completed in order of their importance. These actions or tasks are often most vital. Each will help us achieve goals and move us in the direction of our purpose. Not following through with essential activities will ultimately impede the possibility of success in any goals we set.

The Crap Pile

Let’s set our attention on the pile of Crap. With a wastepaper basket nearby, we evaluate each of these tasks and trash the garbage. Unfortunately, a lot of the Crap pile is filled with things we would like to do. Evaluate each and decide if they need to be moved into essential.

Keep in mind, recreation, health, and relaxation are necessary for happiness. Lack of these kinds of activities can quickly evolve into a state of emergency if not attended. Review everything and then schedule them accordingly.

When we lift the weight of all the things we need to do, we can get rid of the mishmash, hodgepodge before anything becomes pish posh. We know from experience unexpected events can cause things to get away from us. This is our methodology that keeps us organized so we can catch up on backlogs quickly when it happens.

In a world that moves at ludicrous speed (-Mel Brooks) and with a freight train of action in tow, one bump in the rail and we feel like a train wreck. With a systematic methodology, we can get back on track quickly.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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