We have the Whole World in Our Hands

Hand to Hand We Touch the World

Whole world in our handsAs we reach our hands out into the air, we touch the gas elements that make up our atmosphere. The body of air surrounds the entire planet. So we could consider that we are reaching and touching the whole world. In the same way, when we feel a solid object such as a tree or a table, it is connected, one way or another, to the ground. The ground encompasses the entire planet. If we enter a body of water such as the ocean, we are entering the entirety of Earth’s water. When we think of that magnitude, the whole world is in our hands.

Love Thy Neighbor’s Future

Love thy NeighborThat puts a lot of responsibility upon us for the welfare of our neighbors and even humankind. Anything we do will have, to a greater or lesser extent, an effect on other beings or life forms. Today we live on a piece of land. This land has been here for millions of years and may be here for many more years after we are gone. With the most significant concern for the future, the way we treat our yard is very important.

On a grander scale, everything we do to the planet is also our responsibility. We have certainty that if we cause our own extinction due to the way we treat the earth, Earth itself will heal. If we desire humankind to continue, we need to concern ourselves with our salvation.

The Power of One

One person can make a change that will have an effect. People learn by example, and overtime habits can change. The Salvationtide of change is already in motion. With the added awareness of the internet and social media, individuals are finding out more about their world. With the argument of fake news or false propaganda, worry not, humanity is so much wiser then given credit. The truth is much more believable than any fantastic fabrication someone could create.

With patience and kindness, we will hold the world in our hands, taking full responsibility for our part.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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