Playing Catch Up

What did the Daddy Tomato say to the Baby Tomato? Catch up.

When we find ourselves playing catch up we know we are not following one of our basic rules of self-management called, DO IT NOW. There are times when so many unexpected cycles flow into our lives it is difficult to do everything immediately. Although some tasks must be set aside to complete later, each still weighs heavy on our mind.
When a task enters our universe, if possible the best course of action is to do it now. There will be times that an undertaking requires some other activities to occur before its completion. For the most part, tasks can usually get completed as each presents itself.

Incompleted Actions

When faced with too many responsibilities at one time, tasks, papers, and chores can mount up until a mountain the size of Everest appears. There are two ways to handle this mountain of tasks. Number one, never do them, which is not an option. Number two, take care of everything with organized passion. Trudge through the pile and get it done.

Getting Organized

Although time is infinite, a day is still 24 hours, some of which needs to be spent sleeping and eating. Personal requirements aside, we try to use our time most efficiently by grouping similar past-due tasks together. Starting with a few simple items, we can get a feeling of accomplishment. Keeping in mind to handle any new things that come up immediately, we continue forward. With each completed task, we give ourselves kudos.

Overwhelming Relief

We have experienced times when we could not get things done immediately for one reason or another. As things become backlogged, we stay calm knowing we will eventually get to everything. By pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps, we can get to old tasks. The feeling of relief is liberating. With the new found freedom from the weight of incompleted tasks, a mind can think clearly. With an open mind, it is easy to create again and see what new things need to get done.


Understanding all of the above enables us to take on a significant amount of responsibility. It may seem that we get a lot of stuff done by some secret miracle. The fact is that we practice the habit of DO IT NOW which allows us to chip away at any tasks that try to escape us.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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