No need to Squabble over Opinion

give and take of ideasThere are more opposing opinions than there are subjects. There are ideas about how to raise children, education, what is right or wrong and the divine then can be listed. Unfortunately, some are so passionate about their beliefs that countries divide and families fall apart.

It seems that dividing over differences or which side is correct seldom bears fruit. Better to work things out through mutual comprise and understanding.

For the eighty to one hundred years each of us spends on Earth, is it really so important that we all have the same point of view. Isn’t it more interesting to visit another’s ideas and decide how we feel about it? We don’t have to agree, but we can have respect.

Peaceful Shifts

There will always be room for improvement and perspectives change with evolution. Evolution is life’s peaceful way to allow others to softly shift to better ideas with higher survival values. It doesn’t matter which side one is on when a better design shows up. Those who go with the improvement will ultimately survive better and those who don’t, will not.

Opinions galoreIdeas and lifestyles are changing at a pace that is difficult to perceive. Some or most undeveloped bias concepts are all but eliminated. Justice is smooth and swift, though some issues still need tending. Communication is open and fast. Information is so readily available that an acquaintance can sneeze on the other side of the world and we reply with a ‘bless you’ a moment later.

Humanity is more than ready to accept each other’s social customs, ideas, and values. Compassion and understanding is the new game in town, and we all already have it. Why can we be so sure? Check social media. It is spreading everywhere.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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