Our Greatest Treasure

Greatest Treasure ChestLife’s Greatest Treasure

Life is our greatest treasure. Falling in love with oneself is the least selfish act one can do. It’s cherishing life, with the precious moments experienced, enjoyed and remembered. To give love, we must feel and have self-love.  As we fall back in love with ourselves, it can be given away generously to everyone we meet.

There are times when the worst enemy a person can have is themselves.  Sometimes holding standards that are almost impossible, rattles our affection. This state of mind weighs heavily on emotions, stifling forward momentum. Recalling our purpose can initiate a simple mind-shift back to the adoration of why we are here in the first place.

Even during our days of positive, occasionally, we slip back to an unfavorable mindset. By remembering to give ourselves esteem, we refocus our wellbeing and continue to achieve our purpose. There is no need to rush; we can enjoy life.

Thought Eyes of Youth all is Possible

Children are delighted just living, playing, learning and flourishing. As a child there was no urgency to get to the next goal in life, we only lived and grew daily.  As adults, sometimes we lose sight of this magic. By recalling these feelings, we can regain the beautiful illusion of youth.

Genuinely Treasuring our lives and life itself leads to wholeheartedly loving oneself and others as well.

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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