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Living ‘positively’ is not living in the absence of troublesome events. The way each unfortunate dilemma in life is embraced and handled defines someone’s character. As spectators, we often hold answers to other people’s difficulties. Yet too close to our own problems, we can have trouble finding solutions. With a positive outlook, it becomes easier to pull away from ourselves and have a different perspective.

What’s Happening

In that way, we can see that life is not happening to us. It is just happening. On the occasion that we get in the path of an unexpected tragedy or circumstance, we can accept it for what it is. Sometimes it will be taxing, but we can find a way to handle it. Each may set us upon a different course with new challenges to overcome and learn to endure.

Helping ourselves helps others

Luckily our life, for the most part, is not riddled with desperation. For many others it is. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to put out a positive message. Our message is that anyone and everyone can do something to make a change that will improve life for themselves and aid in the survival of others.

We are positive about that.

Our troubles do not define who we are.
How we handle them determines who we will become.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwillpositively thumbs up

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