Our Growing Source of Inspiration

Source of Inspiration

The origin of the word inspire is from the Latin meaning ‘to breath into’ and is associated with divine guidance imparting sublime influences or virtuous knowledge. When we feel inspired, where do we experience it? At first,Source of Inspiration we¬†feel it everywhere. As we focus in on the actual source, it eludes us for a moment. After a while, we find it deep within ourselves. The source of inspiration comes from our most inner feeling of beingness.

Our beingness is that undiscoverable self, invisible to the eye. Some call it the spirit, soul or essence. Its nature is a mystery to us even though it is self. Through faith, we believe it is always present.

Our Formless Luminosity

Formless LuminosityThe most amazing feeling is when we have a moment of inspiration. The energy of it burns in our heart, warming our body and stirs on the higher self. At that moment, we can accomplish anything we set our mind to. This feeling is the real power within us, which can project outward into the world and effect change.

With the same ease of getting a glass of water, the proper inspiration makes all possible. So we reach into our most inner self, inspired by the beautiful miracles we witness daily.

Each day we find a way to be inspired or to inspire. The power to do both resides within ourselves drawn from the phenomenon of life. We are continually reaching within ourselves to pull from the inner source of grace and inspiration. In faith, we believe this source exists inside us all.

Reach inside and find the power of inspiration.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill.

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