The Perfect Miracle

The Miracle

There is a promise that life does not make. It is a miracle of the next day. Every day is a gift of an empty box that we get to fill. It comes without any guarantees and can never return.

We ponder the odds of our existence which dwarf the chances of winning the lottery. Today we are here, doing as we will, with the opportunity to create an incredible moment.

The sun, that rises on humanity and all life on earth,The Miracle of the Sun shines with the vital warmth which nourishes our home. We give it our genuine gratitude every day.

The moon that orbits the earth in a perfect gravitational rotation regulates the ideal tilt of our planet while The Miracle of the mooncontrolling the quintessential tides. The same moon is acting as a shield accepting the endless onslaught of asteroids which would end life. We give our moon sincere gratitude.

the miracle of earthThe earth in its perfectly placed orbit between the frigid outer edge of space and the intense power of the sun. The phenomenon of this unique placement set up a chain of events that created this moment in time where we can express our most profound gratitude for our lifetime.
Spiritual loveMost importantly we consider our essence and creative mind. The mystery of the higher power that presents itself showing up here at this moment in our spirituality. We have gratefulness for this infinite love which we can freely give away to all.

Expressing gratitude today for all its moments that are a perfect miracle.

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill.

Stardust Animation from EYADSTUDIO on Vimeo.

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