Our Soul is Alive with The Sound of Music

Groven to the Music

Grooving to the musicEvery morning and though the day we listen to a wide selection of music that gets our creative juices flowing. Our playlist is a mixture of ‘The ‘Rubberband man,’ ‘New Day,’ ‘I wish,’ ‘Happy,’ ‘The Immigrant Song’ and many other genres of songs. We call it the daily groove. Often we switch out the songs for different types of music such as Jazz, Classical and Fusion. On occasion, we even get in some show tunes or video game music. The creativity we hear from these fantastic musicians blows our mind.

Music from the beginning of the time fueled the energy of love, the hunt and even battle. If theSing our song beauty of a flower inspired the first moment of conciseness than it was music that inspired motion. The beating of the waves upon the beach resounded the perfect bass. Raindrops on the leaf top canopies of trees created a syncopated beat. The sound of the wind blowing throw the trees whistled a sweet harmony. The random song of musical creatures echoed the melody.

A Musical Generation

RadioOur day starts out the same way as the ancestral past evolved into unified funky sounds which move our bodies or touches our hearts. As we listen, the excitement for a creative day swells up from our heart as we tap our feet and bob our heads. We work in an office that holds a group of individuals that play a random selection of musical tunes throughout the day. As we all enjoy each other’s choices the creativity flows.

As like attracts like, music brings out the song inside so we can turn it into something magical for the day. Keep on grooving.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

Our Band Jam

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