Just around the River Bend

The Current Flow of the River

Bear in River with FishGoing with the flow seems like the logical solution to many activities, yet at times we find ourselves fighting the currents. In nature, the bear stands downstream and waits for the fish to swim by and voila dinner. Did the bear cheat? Bears have been catching fish this way for as long as there have been bears and fish in the river. By the way, there still is a bit of skill in catching fish with bare hands, no pun intended.

As we set our course downriver, we can take a more accessible path. The path and slope downward create energy with the use of gravity. This energy helps us on our journey, and we can certainly use the power Go with the Flowof the current flow of the river to lead us on our way. Still, we will need skills and need to learn how to do something useful in our occupation.

When we want to get to a destination sometimes, we will need to check our bearings and test the wind. If the going feels a little harsh, we re-adjust, see if we need a new skill to improve our actions then keep moving.

canoesUse the energy of the flow, learn what skills are required to live in the environment and create a new kind of unique. Or, Fight the tide, feel the resistance and the frustration of getting nowhere will monopolize all actions. We choose to go with the flow.

Flow with the energy of the day and feel the power of the universe.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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