The To-Do-Lists

To-Do-ListsA Great To-Do-List

There are two kinds of To-Do-Lists. One type of list is full of unrelated tasks that need to be accomplished to get through the day. The other is a goal-oriented list. This list focuses on the desired outcomes and benchmarks required to achieve a final goal. Sure, we still need the task list, but the with a master goal list, even the most mundane task glows with purpose.

When there is a purpose in an activity with its accomplishment linked to joy, reward, and satisfaction; mountainsides get scaled, and skyscrapers rise. No task is too small or tedious to confront when we want to get done with intention. The means to an end will resound with jubilation as we check off completed tasks from the list.

The secret to a great To-Do-List is an ultimate result. First, we need to know what it is that we want. The actions will naturally flow out as each line up moving us closer and closer to the desired destination.

It feels great to get up and know exactly what you’re going to do for the day to meet your goals. If the entire plan for the day changes due to circumstance it is all good when you have a master plan.

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill


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