Shaking up the ol’ Brain-bone

Occasionally, we find repetitive actions begin to feel to a routine and a little stagnant. Wake, Work, Walk, Sleep and Repeat can become the general status quo. When things start to feel too repetitive, it’s time to make some creative and productive changes to keep things fresh.

As entrepreneurs, sometimes when we are grinding and pushing, we start to feel our momentum slowing down. When this happens, we take action. To continually move forward, this is a symptom that needs to be noticed.

To pick up the momentum, sometimes we re-organize something to make a production cycle a little better. Another thing we do is plan a project that will improve our work environment or living space. Often we look for things to expand upon in our personal and business activities.

Sometimes change can get a bad wrap. Maybe because there is some effort involved with adjusting to a new environment, procedure or activity. That is the idea and purpose to the change or improvement. The struggle often stimulates the creative energies which in turn produce new solutions or ideas.

For us, we like a little change to shake up the old routines and brain-bone.

If we have to watch a movie over and over again, we may see something different by turning the TV upside down.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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