So Wonderfully Imperfect

Imperfect today

If we do not embrace imperfections, we cannot love our picture of perfect. Yesterday’s stellar achievements and ideas are today’s imperfect challenges to improve upon. Today’s ideal situation will ultimately be tomorrows new challenge. The evolution of thought brings on a new renaissance generation after generation. Each rebirth has a different image of perfection.

The Beauty of Imperfection

There is no need to analyze and fix all the flaws in people and things. Many of these apparent faults are not defects imparted on us. These shortcomings may very well be perfect and all of our superpowers. Many are only seen as defects because each differs from the current idea of normal or what is socially acceptable.

Minding our BeesWaxMinding our Beeswax

All ‘imperfections and shortcomings’ are not part of our present moment. Our idea of personal shortcomings and imperfect things are not our primary concern and should not affect our lives. We can indeed live with flaws and still genuinely love the moment. Our personal interest is improving ourselves in the way we see fit.

heart worldChange yourself, Change the World

If we want something to change or raise awareness, we can only live by example. We can do anything as long as we do not tread on the rights of others. Intervention in peoples lives should just be in the name of justice should they impinge on the rights of others. If others decide to follow our lead, great. Many may not, but that’s okay too. We may be wrong and imperfect in other’s eyes as well.

If we truly live for the moment and accept everything, then there are no imperfections just the need to develop.

Beauty is found in all the beautiful imperfections.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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