What it takes: Our Labor of Love

Labor of LoveA Labor of Love

Long ago we heard the saying ‘Work for yourself and make your own hours.’ To us, this saying seems misleading. Upon hearing it for the first time in a TV commercial, we envisioned ourselves getting up late, working a few hours and going to the beach working from our laptop. This was not precisely true. Finding and doing something we want to do is our labor of love. Once we discovered a direction, the hours we worked no longer were an issue because our goals were clear.

Looks can be Misleading

At first glance, a successful person seems carefree. This is because we are seeing them towards the end of their arduous journey. They seem to have already reached their current dreams and usually onto some new exciting venture. Each looks happy, balanced, and high spirited. Having a big home, a yacht and a cool car, life appears abundant and excellent.

planning the futureEven as we read biographies or movies based on their story, we already know the ending. If we miss the point that it took a lot of work and creative thinking, we may only see the result of their efforts. Successful people work hard, smart, passionately and without limit. When they make their own hours, it means they plan all their hours.

Life is a 24 hour a day event when living a prosperous and abundant life. Each hour allocated for rest, exercise, creativity, labor, and learning. There is not a moment to be wasted. Even moments of recreation are scheduled. Life itself is an ‘All-in’ affair.

The Next Gen

It would better serve us to observe the up and coming. Seeing how the next generation of successful people is operating will give us a different insight. Do these individuals go home and watch TV or exercise or learn new skills? Do they seem to do everything on purpose or wing it? Are they up 2 hours early in the morning and laboring 2 to 4 hours more than most? All these characteristics above could be tell-tail signs of an up and coming individual.


There are always risks, changes, and obstacles. Sometimes a shift in the current course is necessary. It may even look like there is lost ground. Like a sixty-five-degree upward shift on a mountain climb, these are the times we dig our feet in and push forward to the next plateau of possibilities. In our heart, we know that if we do what it takes, learn what we can and have faith all will turn out great in the end.

Whether or not success and abundance are reached, people with the potential for success all have one thing in common. THEY NEVER GIVE UP.


Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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