Stay Calm and Clean up Our Mess

Our Extended Stay on Earth

The universe has existed for more than 14 billion years. Earth was born about 10 billion years later.  Life on earth, as far as we know, started about 1.7 billion years ago.  Most studies determine that modern humans showed up approximately 200 – 500 thousand years ago.  The existence of the human condition barely registers on a pie chart. We are all worried about the Earth’s survival. There is no need to worry. If we continue on our current course, Earth will fix itself after we are done making our mess and no longer here.

What is important is how we can extend our stay on earth.  After reading and listening to pounds and pounds of rhetoric on the subject, it seems to us that all we need to do is two things. 1. Clean up our mess. 2. Stop making a mess.  Despite the possible consideration that it is not our mess, it is.  Earth is our home.

Space exploration is fun. Visiting and inhabiting a new planet would be a great adventure.  However, we do not need to go to another world to start over after we ruined the earth.  We need to take responsibility and do the two things that are quite obvious as mentioned.

So let’s get together on this thought and start doing what the smart scientists tell us. Take responsibility and make a change for the better.  We will start with ourselves by practicing what we have learned and disseminating our understanding.


Plan A ♻ – Clean up the planet, Earth. ❤
We may not have a Planet B, but we do have a beautiful planet E (Earth). 🌎

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill


365 Days of Positive

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