The Unspoken Words in Our Thoughts

Finding the missing words

In middle school, many have read the story ‘1984’ or may have seen the movie. In short, it is a futuristic story about stifling humanity by removing words from the English language without replacing them. There are many other controlling factors in the story, but this is the most significant. Imagine not having the words to express thoughts. The thoughts would still be there without the words.

This reality is not far from the truth. All through our lives, we are often ridiculed with harsh opinions when we have a creative thought that does not fit into societies idea of appropriate. We then tend to carry this form of invalidation with us, frightened to express our opinions. This fear compounds when the media tears apart someone in the news about something they say. On occasion, later on, we find out the person was right, but this does not undo the damage to our confidence.

Listen, Think, Speak

If we are to advance, we need to embrace the unique thoughts of each other and try to see a different point of view. Although the considerations may not be correct, each deserves a look with some reasonable reflection.
As we trudge onward mapping our way into a brighter future, we need to revisit these unique thoughts and ideas. When we do, we may find that the solution is already present and only required an open-mind and some understanding.

This thoughtful contemplation can help us have a receptive mindset. As we impart our feelings and theories, there is the hope we do not get beat up too much. If we do, we will endure.


The power of communication
How will you know what we think if we do not tell you?
If we listened to your ideas, could we make a difference together?
We believe yes

Be Well, Have Gratitude & Spread Goodwill


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