Staying Tuned In on our Purpose

Don't Stew, go doDon’t Stew, Go and Do

Some questions boggle our minds again and again. Why are we here? What are we supposed to be doing? Are we fulfilling our purpose? Then it occurred to us that the reason these questions keep presenting themselves is that we have not received the complete answer yet.

Lately, we think that maybe the problem is our receiver or translator. Or perhaps we are getting the answer, but our patience level is too short to allow the solution to flow into existence.

Our answer to this dilemma is ‘Don’t Worry’ or ‘Stop Worrying.’ We know some of the answers already. Beautiful miracles are happening all around us. Most of the time we achieve our goals much of which move us along on our purpose.

On occasions, things don’t work out which is at first frustrating. Often later down the path, something happens that makes us glad for past failures. As someone once said, “One door closes, a new one opens.”

We and many others have taken on a significant purpose. Significant purposes take time to unfold. So now we also need to learn to chill out and let the creative stew we’ve prepared, simmer a little and let our creation cook awhile.

In the end, everything usually finds a way to turn out good.

Sometimes when we feel we are not getting anywhere, we see that we’ve actually gone the furthest.

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